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A Truly Classic Italian Restaurant in Mission Viejo, CA

Italian Cuisine in Mission Viejo, CA Italian Dining Experience in Mission Viejo, CA

Satisfy your craving for pizza and other authentic Italian dishes at a truly classic Italian restaurant in Mission Viejo, CA. Visit Rocco's Pizzeria for a memorable Italian dining experience. In addition to the delicious and palate-pleasing specialty dishes, we proudly offer our signature New York-style pizza that is second-to-none. For Italian cuisine at its very finest, be sure to stop by and enjoy any of our authentic menu items. 

Rocco's Pizzeria has long been synonymous with great food and good times. 
Contact us today for reservations, or visit our classic Italian restaurant in Mission Viejo for sumptuous New York-style pizza or pasta. Only professional cooks prepare our menu items, always served fresh and hot for your dining pleasure.

More Than 10 Years in Business

Who We Are

Taste the scrumptious and mouthwatering food at Rocco's Pizzeria. We are a customer-friendly pizza restaurant that offers delightful Italian cuisine. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing you with great-tasting pizza, pasta, as well as various specialty dishes.

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Contact us today in Mission Viejo, California, to request more information about our popular pizza restaurant.

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