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Italian Cuisine in Mission Viejo, CA

Indulge in our succulent Italian Cuisine in Mission Viejo, CA, from Rocco's Pizzeria. We offer delightful specialty Italian food that gratifies your taste buds. Our dishes cost around $10.00 to $30.00. Visit our Italian Restaurant now to try our irresistible dishes that include:
• Subs
• Pizza
• Pasta
• Salad
• Calzones
• Stuffed Pizza
• Cheese Rolls
• Spinach Rolls
• Sausage Rolls
• Pepperoni Rolls

Italian Cusine in Mission Viejo, CA

Affordable Pizza

Enjoy your lunch or dinner as we provide you with delicious Italian dishes. Our most popular item on the menu is the New York Style Pizza. It's made from only the finest ingredients. We offer two sizes for it, a 14-inch and an 18-inch. The prices are as follows:
• $10.45 for a 14-Inch Cheese Pizza
• $14.85 for an 18-Inch Cheese Pizza
• $15.95 for a 14-Inch Gourmet Pizza
• $20.35 for an 18-Inch Gourmet Pizza


Gluten-Free Pizza 

Let our tasty gluten-free pizza make your day. We always have this kind of pizza at our Italian restaurant. It is 10 inches in size that costs $7.50 for cheese and $11.95 for gourmet pizzas. Our experienced cook makes the dough, sauce, and cheese on site. We grate our own mozzarella from Wisconsin. Nothing is in bags, we only use fresh produce daily.

Specialty Pasta

Make your dining experience a memorable one at our restaurant. We offer specialty Italian pasta dishes that range from $7.15 to $10.00. Our pasta dishes include:
• Ravioli
• Lasagna
• Spaghetti
• Penne Pasta
• Pasta with Meatballs & Italian Sausages

Contact us today in Mission Viejo, California, to try our full-flavored Italian cuisine.